The new social network...


Be a part of the first virtual 3D designed network for business contacts!

Horizon Business - New business networking

As with other networks, our virtual and avatar-based network you have to creates a profile to connect with users. Contact your avatar directly, chat or make phone calls over the web.

Horizon Business is a platform designed according to gamification, even if games are not the main focus here. Through coperations, the platform is supplemented by current news from politics and business.

Become a part of the first network for business contacts that combines a qualified virtual live exchange, contact maintenance and news channel in one.


Win customers innovatively...


Get your own virtual and permanent 3D website in the form of an exhibition hall.

The Corona crisis requires all companies to strengthen and improve their online presence.

With the 3D website, you not only get a digital, innovative edge and offer a unique selling point, but you also create an experience for your visitors.

Display your products, exhibits, company or research fields throughout the year. Employees, customers or visitors can thus be digitally integrated and recruited in times like Corona.

Present yourself and your company visually and interactively in digital space. The 3D website enables you to go new ways of communication.

Novelties & special features can be added and exchanged flexibly with the exchangeable exhibition stand. You generate visitors with the help of social media. With special exhibitions in any form, you create an impressive, varied atmosphere that arouses curiosity for your company.

The visitor experiences your company, products and services in a new and innovative way. The contents of the website are thus perceived as an experience. The exhibition stands also make it possible for products to be displayed in 3D.

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Meet in the virtual...


With LOBBY you get a virtual meeting place for you and your employees. Thus you create a space for the exchange in the team and new employees find so a quick access to your colleagues and get to know the team in a natural way.

Present yourself to your employees innovatively, visually and interactively in the digital space and create new communication channels.

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Get strong with your vitual...


With EXHIBITION you get your own virtual and permanent 3D exhibition hall. Exhibit your products, exhibits, company or research fields all year round. You can also integrate and recruit employees, customers or visitors.

Products are offered on a 3D modelled exhibition stand. The information is then aligned with the context in the exhibition hall and assigned to the respective exhibition stand. The visitor experiences you in a new and innovative way.

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Expand your business with a virtual ...


Create a virtual 3D campus twin of your company campus with us. 3D ready GmbH creates a completely 3D modelled area with virtually walkable buildings. Through these your company can once again inspire your customers for your own products and services. Here it is conceivable that the different buildings represent different fields of trade. Educational institutions have the option to create a teaching environment e.g. including a library (with virtual literature).

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Invite stakeholders into your virtual...


With the 3D Academy you can design training courses, instructions and much more interactively and turn them into an experience. Interactive, visual and dynamic, your topics will be passed on to your employees, students and all stakeholders etc. in a sustainable way. With our invisible guideline systems, participants are guided through the academy and thus work interactively on tasks in simulated stations.

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Greet your customers with style in a virtual...


The 3D Event Room can be used as a virtual meeting room. Employees are sensitised to the importance of topics in the 3D Room and prepared for the meeting.

In the meeting room you can, for example, store a Microsoft Team link. Students use this to work out group work or present projects. This makes the event room very versatile.

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Inspire with your virtual...


With the 3D Arena you represent your company or university to your visitors, employees and students in a valuable way. The arena can be the right choice for townhall meetings or it can be a visual bulletin board/intranet and reflect news, events, and the companies culture and values. The use of university image videos can be used for this purpose. It is also conceivable that presentations of companies, internships and partner universities could also be made.

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Prove tradition with your virtual...


In your own virtual museum your company history can be presented, as well as the development of your products and much more. With the 3D museum, your ideas, values and products will be made accessible in a high-quality way. This enables you to set a unique selling point and to take the first step into a 3D future. The 3D museum can be designed freely according to your ideas.

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Sustainable, innovative and customeroriented solutions

New 3D models

Ask about our new 3D models. We contantly create new models and like to share our productportfolio with you.

3D Design and development

Our developmentdepartment is available for all your individual design wishes. Customizing or additional elements - everything is possible!

3D Content-Managementsystem

Your 3D environment will be connected with external content. We developed an own Contentmanagementsystem explicitly for that.


We are ISO certified and provide stable and secure cloud hosting so that your 3D environment is available 24/7 to all your customers.


For the performance of your 3D solution, we are always ready to provide you with expert assistance. We also support your users in the event of difficulties with the display on a PC, browser, tablet or mobile device.

Service Level Agreements

In case you need a certain secured service with special key figures in support or hosting. We will work out a suitable Service Level Agreement together with you.

Delight your customer

Bring innovation into your business with our 3D models.